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My MRT sketch book vol 16

  I join a project and wish to make some concept art about alien prison,and level up my paint skill.

Recently, I feel the chance always come to you unexpectedly !   HAHA !

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5 tips on making great DLC from Dying Light: The Following devs By Techland staff _垂死之光:The Following團隊提供,5種製作出色DLC的技巧 著 : Techland staff

source from _ Gamasutra

5 tips on making great DLC from Dying Light: The Following devs

垂死之光:The Following團隊提供,5種製作出色DLC的技巧 

In this article, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks about making the best DLC you possibly can.

We tried to showcase practical examples from our accliamed DLC/expansion for Dying Light, called Dying Light: The Following, so that we don’t only explain the theory but share our experiences as well. Hopefully, there will be a lot you can take away from this and it will enable you to create the best DLCs out there.

我們試著從我們獲好評的DLC/垂死之光擴增,名叫垂死之光:The Following,去展示實際範例,所以我們不只解釋理論,也分享我們經驗。希望你能從中獲得,它能讓你製作出優質的DLC。

Tip 1: Level Design – Adrian Sikora, Level Designer

技巧1:關卡設計 - Adrian Sikora 關卡設計師

Designing such DLCs is always a huge challenge from a level design point and there is no single, universal recipe for a good DLC. You can take the easy path with "more of the same", but we wanted to do something extra – we wanted to keep all of what players liked in Dying Light, but also do something more at the same time.

設計類似這樣的DLC,總是一個龐大的挑戰,來自於關卡設計要點和沒有單一,一般方法就能做出好的DLC。你可以走簡單的路,使用"類似相同"方法,但我們想做些額外不一樣 - 我們想要所有的玩家像在垂死之光裡,同時也做同樣的事。
Looking for an idea for an expansion, we considered a lot of scenarios. We finally chose the vehicle as an element around which this addition could be built on. I think one of the most important elements of good design is to find something that will expand the gameplay, not destroy the current scope of the game.

"The dirt buggies fit right in, providing both rewarding survivor strategy and moment-to-moment excitement."
The Following evolves Dying Light's formula by adding substantial new mechanics that compliment or even reframe familiar gameplay elements. The dirt buggies fit right in and provide both rewarding survivor strategy and moment to moment excitement.

The Following 進化垂死之光的公式,藉由增加大量新的受讚揚機械或重新勾勒熟悉的遊玩物件。髒污的越野車是最適合,同時提供有益生存策略和時時刻刻的刺激。
Another important element that contributed strongly to the level design of Dying Light: The Following was listening to the players – the game is at its best, when the player does not feel controlled. We’ve kept this in mind, and using a reputation system, changed the model of the game to be even more open than Dying Light was. I believe that this way, we’ve provided an element that every non–linear game is trying to achieve – a sandbox, in which everyone can have fun in their own way.

另一個重要的物件,極力推動垂死之光:The following的關卡設計,就是傾聽玩家- 這款遊戲最棒的地方,玩家感受不到被操控的感覺。我們要牢記在心,並使用信用機制,改變遊戲型態,比原來的垂死之光更加開放。我相信如此,我們提供一種要素,每個非線性遊戲試著想達成的 - 沙盒遊戲,如此每個人都可以照自己方式得到樂趣。

Tip 2: New Mechanic - Tymon Smektala, Producer

技巧2:新的機械-Tymon Smektala, 製作人

DLCs are often seen by gamers as quick cash-ins and that’s because quite often they’re nothing more than just additional content which reuses base game locations, enemies and gameplay mechanics. That can be OK - if a game is successful there are a lot of fans who just want “some more.” But if you really want to create a great expansion you need to be courageous and add something special. In our case it was the buggy.

DLC通常被玩家視為一種快速牟利並因為常常沒有什麼,只是增加一些重複利用基礎遊戲的位置,敵人和遊戲機關內容。這樣還過得去 - 如果這個遊戲是成功的,會有很多粉絲只是想要”更多”。但如果你真想做一款優質擴充,你需要是無畏並增加一些特殊要素。在我們的案子,它是台輕便越野車。
On the surface it might seem like a counterintuitive addition - Dying Light was all about parkour.

在表面上,它可能看起來是一台有悖常理的款式 - 垂死之光整體就是個"跑酷"
"We had to change nearly all of our game systems to make them work with the buggy -- starting with AI and ending with network code."
But we decided to add driving, which had the potential to completely kill our gameplay pillar. For us though, Dying Light was a game about being mobile, about overcoming obstacles - with style and speed - to go wherever the player wanted to go. Therefore it made sense to introduce something that takes that mobility to a new level - and present players with a new set of obstacles so they could overcome them.

但我們決定增加駕駛,這表示有可能完全抹煞我們的遊玩支柱。我們的想法,垂死之光是個有關移動,有關克服阻礙 - 擁有風格和速度 - 到玩家想去的地方,因此它就合理的展示,取得移動力到新的關卡,並且目前的玩家會有新的阻礙,所以他們要去克服。
Of course doing this is never easy. We had to change nearly all of our game systems to make them work with the buggy - starting with AI and ending with network code - but it also forced us to design a lot of new things.

當然要這麼做不簡單,我們幾乎必須改造我們的遊戲系統,讓它能夠與越野車運作 -- 先從人工智慧開始,到網路碼結束。這也迫使我們要設計新的機制。

At first we wanted to just “give” players the buggy, but then we realized that this will feel underdeveloped and will not be on par with the rest of our game systems. So we added upgrades and crafting to the core driving mechanic. This introduced a new way to customize the vehicle, created new types of challenges, and overhauled the UI. It was a lot of work, but I have a feeling that being ambitious and courageous (and maybe a little bit crazy) really paid off.


Tip 3: Redefined Tech – Grzegorz Swistowski, Technical Producer

技巧3:重新定義技術 - Grzegorz Swistowski,技術製作人

Making a DLC often just boils down to a small piece of content that fits in the broader game. However, we decided to change a number of things on the technical side that will give you not only a new skin or item to play with, but to change and enhance the game completely.

製作一個DLC常常只是概括整個內容的一小部分 ,符合開放遊戲。然而,我們決定在技術面改變一些東西,不止給你一個新的外表或品項,也徹底改變和提升遊戲。
"We felt that adding the huge terrain and changing the overall feel of the new map would extend and enrich the experience."
While we knew that our fans love parkour, we felt that adding the huge terrain and changing the overall feel of the new map would extend and enrich the experience. This switch from urban to rural setting allowed us to focus on a number of things so while focusing on the DLC, we were able to implement a lot of graphical and other enhancements, making the game look more beautiful. A lot of zombies wandering around on the fields; improved trees and plants; new types of landscape like plains, mountains and beaches are only but a few things we included in the DLC.

The buggy is the best way to get around in The Following. We had to modify enemy AI and behavior and make sure that they interact with the buggy appropriately. While the new story and missions extend the player experience, we had to make sure that the new cutscenes, character animations are spot on as the NPCs have a very different state of mind from those in Harran.

在The Following裡,讓越野車四處移動,是最好的方式。我們必須修改敵人AI和行為,以及確定他們適當地與越野車互動。新的故事和任務會延伸玩家的體驗。來自Harran的NPC,有不一樣的程度,我們必須確保新的過場動畫,角色動作都完全正確。
Something to remember: redefining your tech and including new systems can be very risky, so only do it, if you have enough time and resources to do a stellar job.


Tip 4: New Story - Kamil Krupinski, Narrative Designer

技術 4 : 新的故事 - Kamil Krupinski , 敘述設計師

The great thing about creating a storyline for an expansion is that it's possible to take a lot of liberties with the narrative. You can take the story into places the main game would've never allowed you to – you can explore themes and ideas that wouldn't be possible within the context of the "normal" experience.

為擴充創作故事大綱,最棒的就是有可能在敘述上有更多自由。你可以讓故事發生在主線遊戲不准你到的地方 - 你可以探索他們和一些不可能會是"平凡"體驗的點子。
"At first, we thought that creating a Fast & Furious slash Death Proof slash Mad Max type of story would work really well--after all, it's a game about driving over zombies. But we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves a question: Is this what fans actually want?"
Another positive thing, one of the most obvious and (at the same time) important things, is that after the core game is released, you get a chance to understand your audience--at least the hardcore fans who will stay with you for a long time. You can try to make educated guesses as to what they really want, what they expect, what they find "fun" in your game and you can build upon that. Sometimes you will guess wrong, but with enough research, you will be able to give them what they want.

另一個好處,最顯著並且(同時)重要,在主體遊戲上市後,你有機會去了解你的玩家 -- 至少是會陪你們長時間的核心玩家。你可以試著猜測他們真的想要甚麼,他們期待甚麼,他們在你們的遊戲找到甚麼樂趣,然後你就可以製作出來。有時候你會猜錯,但由足夠的資料,你就可以給他們想要的。

Since The Following is an expansion built around the gameplay concept of adding a vehicle to a game fueled by parkour, one of the greatest challenges for us, the narrative department, was to decide on how much screen time should the Buggy actually get. Naturally, we thought that creating a Fast & Furious slash Death Proof slash Mad Max type of story would work really well, since – well – it's a game about driving over zombies…

因為The following是擴充包,建立在增加交通工具到遊戲中,由跑酷當作燃料。對我們最大的挑戰,就是企劃部門要決定,需要多少的時間得到越野車。自然地,我們想做一個玩命關頭加不死殺陣加瘋狂麥斯類型的故事,作起來應該不錯,恩-它是一個有關開車輾過僵屍的故事。
But we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves a question: is this what fans of Dying Lightactually want? We figured out that no, our players aren't interested in a story about a car. They want a story about Kyle Crane.

但我們回到白板上,並問自己一個問題 : 這是粉絲想要的垂死之光嗎?我們認為不是,我們玩家對故事的車子沒興趣。他們想要有關Kyle Crane的故事。
So, since we were working on an expansion, we decided to, well, expand the story. To experiment a bit and takeDying Light into places it wouldn't normally go. We wrote a much darker storyline with Kyle Crane again at the center, and it seems, ultimately, that it resonated really well with our fans.

我們在製作擴充包,我們決定擴展故事,更多體驗,和讓垂死之光發生在一些平常到不了的地方。我們寫了很多和Kyle Crane的黑暗故事,它看起來,最終對我們粉絲產生共鳴。

Tip 5: Community - by Michal Napora, Community Manager

技巧 5: 社群 - by Michal Napora, 社群經理
With Dying Light: The Following, we wanted to create something that enhances player experience and adds to the world of Dying Light. Listening to fan feedback was essential. Players wanted the option for more progression, so we introduced the Legend system. This allowed for a new way of leveling up and added great value to the end-game content. For those who felt that the game was too easy, introduced the new Nightmare mode difficulty. More weapons like the SMG and the crossbow as well as new skins were long-wanted additions too.

垂死之光:the following上市,我們想做些提升玩家體驗的事情,並加到垂死之光的世界。聽取粉絲回饋是必要的。玩家想要更多發展的選擇,所以我們推出傳奇系統。這允許有新的升級方式,和增加已完結篇遊戲的價值。對那些覺得遊戲太簡單的人,推出新的惡夢困難模式。更多種武器,像衝鋒槍和十字弓也會有新外表,都是想要已久。
Some of our fans thought we could do better with the contents of the Season Pass, so when working onThe Following, we decided to include it in as part of it to add value. Clear communications to your fans can go a long way.

我們有些粉絲認為我們在Season Pass可以做更好,所以我們在The following ,我們決定包括它,增加它的內容,明白粉絲回饋可以讓遊戲走的長遠。
"Admit to your mistakes, if you made any, as that reinforces trust and goodwill towards your product." "不管是不是你做的,承認你的錯誤,強化信任和支持會站在你的產品這邊。"

When we realized that the DLC became so huge and costly, we announced what The Following is going to be about and that the Season Pass will increase in price. This gave players time to purchase it for the lower price for a while. This led to some very positive feedback, and our friends from Bethesda followed our example. We felt this was a way of the industry valuing and understanding the value of extra hard work.

當我們體認到,DLC變成龐大和昂貴,我們宣布The following將會是什麼走向和Season pass將會增加,都含在售價上。此時給玩家一段低價時間,這得到一些非常熱烈回應,而我們的朋友,Bethesda參考我們的例子。我們覺得這會是一種方式,讓產業價值提升和瞭解額外努力工作的價值。
The key to having a great DLC is to exhaust all types of content that you can possibly provide either in one huge DLC or give some content away for free. The#DrinkForDLC campaign was one of these initiatives. We also kept our docket codes going strong to provide some cool weapons to our fans.

Finally, there was a mistake to learn from. We announced the DLC seven months before it got released. In terms of promotion and communications, that’s a long time.

There were a lot of people who got upset because of this and this led to us doing an apology video. Admit to your mistakes, if you made any, as that reinforces trust and goodwill towards your product.

In short, focusing on community and morphing their ideas into yours will always allow you to create a great piece of content.


2016年7月5日 星期二

Empire of angels 4 launch now! 天使帝國4上市囉

Empire of angels 4 launch now! 天使帝國4上市囉!

In may and June, I worked on EOA4 ,I made two cutscenes of the end of EOA4. At first ,game designer wanted to make CG animation, but we just had one month and 2 people.

Therefore, I decided to use Usequencer in unity. It's fast to modify cutscenes ,but I previews cutscene sometimes did not present correctly.  EOA launched two weeks Before ,producer wanted to change the Ending of the EOA. Holy! That was really horrible for our team, it's complete overhaul!i overworked until 21:00 everyday and sometimes on sunday ,other one game designer live in company. HAHA, sound crazy! After our team spent a lot time and effort on it, we finished it finally,! Thanks God~~

I also made the CF & CF2, Hope you like !