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Learn Fight Choreography (How to film fight scenes PART 1) _ 學習武打編排 (如何拍攝武打場面 part 1)

source from : Learn Fight Choreography (How to film fight scenes PART 1)

Learn Fight Choreography (How to film fight scenes PART 1)

Welcome to Part 1 of my article series on how to create your own realistic fight scenes!

I am writing this series from my personal experiences in the action film industry, as I attempt to breakdown the science of how to make your own fight scene and learn fight choreography! This is Part 1, links to the other articles in the series are below..
Part 2 >> Learning basic Fight Moves
Part 3 >> Selling hits and filming your first Fight Scene

我寫這一系列,是從我在動作電影工業中自己的經驗截取。我試著分析如何自己設計動作場面並且學習戰鬥編輯! 這是第一部分,其它文章的連結如下
Learning Fight Choreography and how to film your own fight scenes can seem like a daunting task.. but as with anything in life, if you go into it with an open mind and a willingness to “fail your way to success”, anyone can teach themselves the techniques to make a piece of badass action filmmaking!

Learn how to make, film fight scenes and learn fight choreography like in this image from The Raid.
The Raid (Clicking the images will take you to some cool fight scenes.)
When I started learning this stuff, I didn’t have anyone to teach me, so I hope this multi-part article will get you going in the right direction.. In this series of articles I will walk you through an overall approach, with future posts explaining more in-depth details.

So, let’s say our hypothetical question of this series is “how do I make a fight scene?”. Let’s break this down into several steps..

我們來談這個系列所設定的問題,"我要怎麼製作一場戰鬥場面? 我們來把它分成幾個階段吧!
Watch and study a lot of fight scenes!! Everyone eventually develops their own flavor of what good action film making and fight choreography is. There are hundreds of different ways and styles to film the same story, so you should immerse yourself in as many different types of action films you can think of. My personal favorite sources of good fight choreography and action scenes as of now are The Raid, Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak, and of course the Jackie Chan movies that got me into stunts.

觀看和研讀大量的戰鬥場面!! 每個人最後會發展出屬於他們的品味,分辨什麼是好的動作電影製作和戰鬥編排。有無數不同種類的方式和風格去拍攝同一個故事,所以你必須把你自己沉浸到你能想到的各種動作電影裡頭。我個人最喜歡的優秀戰鬥編排和戰鬥場面,現在是全面突襲,拳霸,當然還有成龍的電影。
Another good set of resources to get your creative fight choreography and action scene juices flowing, are video games! For example after playing Batman: Arkham City for several hours, I started thinking in Batman’s fighting style. This principle translates to many other fighting games.. it is also the reason you see so many “live action” fight scenes being made as homages to the fans’ favorite characters.

另外好的參考資料,讓你創意戰鬥編排和動作場面源源不絕,就是電玩! 例如,玩完蝙蝠俠:阿卡漢城市幾個小時後,我開始思考蝙蝠俠的戰鬥風格。這原則轉換到其他格鬥遊戲。同樣理由,你可以看到許多實況格鬥場面,是做為對粉絲敬意最喜歡的角色。
Donnie Yen plays the chinese hero, IP Man. He is one of the better fight choreographers and performers, and his fight scenes result in some inventive and creative fight choreography.
Donnie Yen in IP MAN
Take notes! Go on, make a list of your favorite action movies.. now look them up on YouTube and find their respective fight scenes. Really study the performers and their fight choreography (use the youtube slo-mo feature or download the video and play it back on your computer), and observe your response to the choreography.

作筆記! 來吧,寫下你最喜歡的動作電影。 現在從Youtube看,並找出他們各自的戰鬥場面。認真研讀表演者和他們的戰鬥編排(使用youtube的慢動作功能或下載影片到你的電腦上看),觀察你對編排的反應。
– Which moves catch your eye the most? 哪一種動作最能吸引你 ?
– What camera angles are used to sell the hits? 哪種攝影機角度最有賣點 ?
– Can you tell which moves are very technical? 你能說哪些動作是非常技術性 ?
– Given the chance, would you do something differently? 如果有機會,你能做出不一樣的動作嗎 ?
Pay attention to the camera work, see how the camera man interacts with the performances you are watching.. Write down your thoughts and observations.

“Just as a director who knows how to act will be able to create a believable story on the big screen, and the best actors are ones who can direct themselves.. so must you want to learn everything there is to learn about your subject matter.”
Now for this week’s ‘fight choreography homework’.. have a surf around YouTube and pick 3 of your favorite fight scenes. Then write an answer to each of the questions I proposed above.. or make up your own notes! The point here is to get you observing the choreography and breaking it down in your mind.

這禮拜的"戰鬥編排功課" ..瀏覽Youtube並且選出你最喜歡的戰鬥場面。並寫下我上面所提出問題的答案...或自己作筆記 ! 這邊的重點是藉由你的觀察編排並且自己分析它。
Jackie Chan and Jet Li, both masters of fight choreography, finally verse each other in a fight scene from The Forbidden Kingdom.Jet Li and Jackie Chan fight in The Forbidden Kingdom
Until next time, stay safe and keep your chin up! Nothing in life is as hard as we make it seem. You are the only person who can influence and manifest your happiness :)

等到下一次,注意安全並打起精神 ! 生活中沒有我們想像中這麼艱難,你是唯一可以影響和表現你的幸福的人。