2013年12月21日 星期六

Stroyboard study 分鏡練習

    I have some plots that will be cinematic footage. So i plan on choosing scene that i like from each film or trailer and doing them as boarding practice. Because we need  some outsource to help us make it become CG and make a contract before chinese new year, I have to finish them with two artists in 3-4 days.  

The image below is my study

2013年12月15日 星期日


I recently read a article about a cg artist who just know one app could be Eliminated. So I like to share with you.


3Q Digital tutor

If you’re an artist who has been focusing on mastering that one piece of software you learned in college, you might want to re-think that strategy. Knowing a single software program, no matter what program that is, won’t be enough to get you through your career – no matter the discipline. The reason is actually quite simple: big effects are being created by increasingly smaller budgets.


As the old adage goes, “You can have it fast, cheap or good. Pick two.” While this saying may have a glimmer of truth in it, the fact of the matter is that studios around the world are being asked every day to deliver on all three: fast, cheap and good. For studios to deliver big effects on shrinking budgets means they are always on the lookout for artists who are not only good (or even better, great) but are also fast and yes, cheap.

正如一句老話,你可以讓他" 快 " "便宜" 或 "好" 擇二。當這說法也許有一絲絲真理的曙光在裡面,事實的真相是全世界的工作室正在每天被要求給予這三項 : 快 便宜 好。對於工作室要交付預算縮減的大型特效,意味著他們總是在尋找不是只有好 (更好 或 極好),而且要"快" 當然 要"便宜"!!

Unfortunately the term cheap gets some negative connotations with it, so let’s make sure we’re on the same page on what we mean by cheap in this context. Cheap in this context doesn’t mean slashing salaries. In this context, fast and cheapactually mean the same thing. As yet another adage says, “Time is money.” An artist who can deliver quicker than their counterparts is delivering on both fast and cheap simply by saving the cost of the time. An artist who can deliver great work in this shortened time is truly an artist who is delivering on all three: Fast, cheap and great work.

不幸地,"便宜"這個詞有點負面的意思,所以讓我們確定我們是在同篇,對我們意指這篇正文的"便宜"。"便宜"在這篇文不是要削減薪水。正文裡,"快"和"便宜"事實上是同件事。如同另一句老話,時間就是金錢。一個可以交付比同行更快的藝術家也是正交付"快"和"便宜",只藉由"省下時間成本"。(換句話說:"省時"可以換到"快"和"便宜")。一位可以在"短時間"內交付出色作品的藝術家是真正的交付"快" "便宜" 和 "出色作品"的藝術家。

In the long run, it is actually cheaper for a studio to pay a higher salary to an artist who can consistently deliver great work fast than it is to hire an artist who spends a lot more time to deliver the same quality of work.


A great example of this long-term frame of mind can be found when a studio invests in creating custom tools to help speed up their artist’s workflow. Before they were available to the public, tools such as MARI were born out of the necessity to be able to deliver great work within a time-frame that simply wasn’t achievable with the tools that the artists had. Think about the amount of time, money and effort that goes into creating new software just so the artists that use the software can meet the expectations of delivering great work on time and on budget. Could the artists at Weta have created textures for Avatar without building a new tool? The capabilities for creating textures certainly existed. Given enough tweaking time, anything can be made to look great.

一個很棒的例子對於這種長久的思維可以被發現,當一間工作室投資在研發自製的工具去幫助加快他們美術的工作流程。在它們(工具)可以能夠被公開之前,工具如MARI的產生於可以在時程內交付出色作品需求,而不是實現藝術家的工具(可能是藝術家想要的)。思考一下時間,錢和心力,去製作新軟體,只是讓藝術家使用這軟體可以滿足在時間預算內交付出色作品。Wete的藝術家能夠為Avatar製作貼圖不用寫一個新工具嗎? 製作貼圖的功能當然存在。給足夠的調整時間,任何事都可以作的看起很棒!!

But what about the everyday artist?


Not everyone has the luxury of working for a studio that can develop proprietary tools. Then again, not every project requires brand new software to be developed for it to be successful. The key to success comes when you start to understand that all software, is just a tool that can be used to deliver great work. Regardless of the software you use, the faster you can deliver great work the more success you will have.


If you’re only using one software program for everything, try setting yourself up for success by looking at the tools available in your discipline. Existing software tools are constantly improved and new software tools pop up all the time. In the fast-paced CG industry, everyone benefits when they adapt positively to the change that is bound to happen.

如果你只用一種軟體處理任何事情,為了成功試著調整自己,在你的訓練裡找尋可用工具 。現有的軟體工具是持續的進步並且新軟體不斷的產生。在步調快速的CG工業中,每個人受益當他們積極適應改變就會必然發生。

While the specific tools you end up adding to your repertoire will vary depending on your discipline, here are some of our favorite methods for taking that next step and transitioning from a single-software artist to an artist with an arsenal of tools.


Learn the fundamentals. When you know the fundamentals of 3D, it’ll be a lot easier to bounce between different 3D programs.

學習基本原則. 當你知道3D的基礎原則,就容易跨不一樣的3D軟體

Find a part of your workflow that you want to spend less time doing. Chances are pretty good that you’re not the only one who doesn’t enjoy doing certain parts of your workflow. That usually means someone has taken the time to figure out how to speed it up.


Add something extra to your work. Sometimes it is necessary to learn new software to take your work from good to great.


Learn about the steps around you. Knowing about the parts of the pipeline around your discipline can help you create assets that fit into the pipeline better. This means less revisions and, by extension, faster end results.


So, after i read it, I thought that i am on the right  way. But, I should make my mental peace to face the disorderly society  of Taiwan. 

2013年12月3日 星期二

Edit _ Edit a trailer for your movie,game,promos and the commercials. 剪接_剪輯你的電影 遊戲 簡介 和商業的宣傳預告片

      Not only I responsible for environment prop,assets, I also have to supervise animation. Especially, our game will be published . I have to edit a trailer for it. Now, i want to share a article about "How to  edit a trailer for your movie ? "


Below are my translated from How to edit a trailer for your movie… by the guy who cuts trailers for movies!

以下是我的翻譯從這網頁How to edit a trailer for your movie… by the guy who cuts trailers for movies!

__1.A good piece of marketing material is a bonus and a must for any film, on any budget level.


__2.Don’t get bogged down trying to explain everything from A to Z, that’s the film’s job.


__3.Choose the story through line and stick to it.


__4.Don’t introduce too many motifs or characters choose whose journey it is – if you’re fortunate            to have a known performer, albeit in a minor role, utilise that fact.

不要導入太多的主題或選擇角色的任務 - 如果你很幸運,有一個有名的演員,儘管是一個次要的角色,利用這個元素。

__5.Don’t name check people who nobody knows.


__6.Know the end, the theme and feeling you want to leave the viewer with.


__7.The trailer doesn’t have to be as linear as the film – often better if it isn’t.

預告片不必要和電影一樣直述  - 通常最好不要

__8.Don’t have random moments that come out of nowhere – sounds contradictory to the above point but you can put scenes in any order as long a the through story is being followed, don’t be afraid of mixing it up.


__9.Writing copy (the voice over or captions) is tough, unless you have a way with words, don’t try and be too smart, serve the film rather than attempting to be clever with you words. The copy should encapsulate your through line story and can be helpful to skip through this. However, if you don’t need copy, don’t use it. If the film is strong enough let it do the talking.


__10.Stick with simple graphic captions – often the best way if you’re not graphically skilled.

堅持使用簡單的平面字幕 - 通常是最好的方式,如果你沒有平面設計的技術的話。

__11.Voice over is not a must, and bad VO can alienate the viewer (don’t cheapen it with a fake American accent, if you’re a Brit and can read the lines, be a Brit, just be confident. Failing that, stick with captions)


__12.Don’t let shots and moments out stay their welcome. The perfectly constructed moment you created in your film CAN be trimmed right down in the trailer, don’t worry it doesn’t ruin your film. It will always be perfect in the film.


__13.Say something once, for example you may have two characters saying pretty much the same point in two different ways, cut one out you don’t need the other. Move on.


What’s the score? 


Now, music is also a big tool and I find it super important. If you are cutting your own trailer and have no more cash in the bank then you won’t be able to afford the new big music cue, or the old classic track that may set your tone up perfectly.


How long?


A good length is from 90 seconds to 2 minutes, any extra is unnecessary. Hollywood movie trailers generally run at 2’30”, but often I feel they are too much, and they certainly can labour the point.


The final image is important, if your film is a horror, end with horror, it’s a comedy, go out on a great gag, if you’ve made a rom-com, then make sure you end on some rom and com.


Let's go ahead and start watching the trailer 《軒轅劍陸》天外之章宣傳影片

2013年11月23日 星期六

AE_animation Loop Expression tip _動畫循環表達式

Hello,guys,Today i want to show you the tip about the Loop express of the After Effect. It's a piece cake and useful !

So, let's go ahead and start looking !

大家好,今天我要秀一個有關AE LoopExpress的訣竅,相當簡單。好,我們接下看吧!

__0.First, Make a Loop animation


__1.Alt-click the time-Vary stop watch icon. It'll show up the Expression.


__2.Click the play icon. choice Property -> LoopIn ~~~ LoopOut~~. Let's take look them. What are          their effect ?

       點擊play標示,選擇 Proerty,就會看到Loop系列的Expression.我們看看他們的效果是甚            麼?

 __3. LoopIn : It's mean red range is effected by LoopIn , include the keyframes.

        LoopIn : 圖中的紅色區域是有作用的,包含Keyframe

__4.LoopOut : It's mean red range is effected by LoopOut, include the keyframes.

       LoopOut : 圖中的紅色區域是有作用的,包含Keyframe

__5.LoopInDuration : It's mean red range is effected by LoopInDuration, dose not include the key                                            frame. You can change the value of the duration which should be less than                                              zero.

      LoopInDuration : 圖中的紅色區域是有作用的,不包含Keyframe,你可更改Duration的數值,                                     要小於0.

__6.LoopOutDuration : It's mean red range is effected by LoopOutDuration, dose not include the key                                        frame. You can change the value of the duration which should be less than                                               zero.
       LoopOutDuration : 圖中的紅色區域是有作用的,不包含Keyframe,你可更改Duration的數                                          值, 要小於0.

It's pretty easy, right ? Try it !
很簡單對吧? 試試看吧!

2013年11月16日 星期六

Xuan Yuan Sword 6_DLC _Game trailer

I made a Game trailer visual  this month . First using Element 3D (Video Copilot produce) in this project. That's really fast for 3D rendering in AE. Saving our a lots time.

Let's go ahead and start looking at the Game trailer i made for my company.

這個月,我做了一個遊戲預告片。第一次使用element3D(Video Copilot 開發)在這個專案中。這是真快,在AE中3D渲染。節省我們大量的時間。讓我們繼續看,我為我公司在遊戲預告片。

Title : Xuan Yuan Sword 6-DLC -Game trailer  軒轅劍6 DLC 天外之章

Software : AE


2013年11月13日 星期三

Xuan Yuan Sword 6_DLC_ (bake a hard edge Normal map)

I just finish my project last month. Yes, it's SWD6-DLC ! This time i have some cool challenges. Create a lot of hard-edge model for Environment. Why do i say this is challenge ? Because i didn't much understand the Normal of the Hard-edge and took a lots time to test hard-edge Normal map, let it  looked correctly in Unity .


Generally speaking, baking a hard-edge normal.


 I will to smooth group ,setting auto-smooth 45 degree,in 3dsMAX.


Cutting UV,depend on different smooth group.


Reduce the Gradient of Normal map to avoid the odd shadow in Game engine.


As a reminder, this way i test in unity is OK!  Some engine maybe not !


2013年11月4日 星期一

Training 30 mins sketch in a week _day_07

Finally, i finish a series of the training in a week.

I should do more practices in the future if i want to be better.

2013年11月3日 星期日

Render_Linear workflow _part1

Let's talk about Linear Workflow, I have learned something  from DT and shared them with you.

我們來討論Linear Workflow,我從DT那邊學到一些事情並且和你們分享

__1.The most important thing !


為什麼Linear Workflow 重要?


-那些8-bit的圖片(JPG,BMP,TGA)都是有被gamma-encoded(sRGB)校正過,為讓它正確的顯示    在你的營幕上。

-那些32-bit的圖片(HDR,EXR,TIFF)沒有被gamma-encoded(Linear),所以他們看起來錯誤的顯示  在你電腦營幕上

__你的3D軟體並沒有把你螢幕的gamma納入燈光結果裡,所以燈光總是比他們應該的還暗,       我們要用gamma-correction去修正

__Ex :

__This a test.

    Linear Workflow 被利用來正確地顯示顏色和燈光資訊在電腦螢幕上

To be continued....

Training 30 mins sketch in a week _day_06

Finish it ! Take a shower !

Training 30 mins sketch in a week _day_05


I miss the today's deadline !! damn!!

Good night

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2013年10月30日 星期三

2013年10月27日 星期日

AE_Audio Spectrum Effect 音頻頻譜特效

This week , I learned a cool effect about audio from VC. No third plug-in.Just AE Built-in. Like this

這禮拜,我從Video copilot學到一個有關音效很炫的特效,不是外掛,AE內建,像這樣

It's pretty simple and easy to do this effect.


So let's begin !


1.__ Add a solid layer(no matter any color) and Import a MUSIC !!

增加一個solid layer(不管甚麼色,最後都變成黑底)並且匯入音樂

   __Add a Audio Spectrum Effect to it

添加 Audio Spectrum特效

   __ In the options,check Audio Layer and choice the music layer.

在 Audio Spectrum的屬性中,打開Audio Layer並且選音樂那層

PS : Maximum Height means the Height of the wave.   High value brings high wave.

PS: Maximum Height 就是波形的最高峰 數值越高 波形越高

2.__ You will see it immediately.


3.__More details 


  __Draw a mask in the same layer.


  __In the options,check Path and choice the mask, and it will follows the path.

PS : Frequency Bands means the number of the band.

PS : Frequency Bands指的是元素(長條)的密度

4.__Hold ctrl and drag Left mouse bottom could help you drag slowly to get precise value.

按住ctrl 並且拖曳左鍵,可以幫你慢慢拖出更精確的值.

5.__Side options : control audio effect from inside ,outside or two side.


6.__Display Options  : change display 




7.__Audio Duration(milliseconds)


Enjoy it !!

2013年10月20日 星期日

Creating a tiling mesh with ZBrush

__I need a rock stair in my scene, and it is tile rock surface. So if i want to sculpt it with ZB, how to do? 

__GO to  Brush -> Curve -> WrapMode     (3Q ZB!!)

I also find this bradhb3d' s tutorial 

enjoy it !

2013年10月13日 星期日

How to Edit cage with xNormal ? 如何用xNormal編輯cage

I 'm xNormal User. Below it's my xNormal summary .      


1.  It bakes Normal texture faster then Max.


2. It could calculate HP easier then Max


3. It's easy to make different kinds of texture in the same time.


4. Edit the cage of the model   is simple with xNormal.


How to Edit cage with xNormal ?


1.__Add your HP and LP. Go to  3D Viewer >Launch viewer

匯入你的高低模,然後去3D Viewer >Launch viewer 

  2.__3D Viewer  (Control setting on Bottom right) 


3.__Turn on Show cage. Use the bar of Cage global extrusion  to extrusion

 打開show cage. 使用Cage global extrusion 做調整

4.__Turn on Edit Cage . Hold Middle mouse button to draw select the vertex of the cage .

 打開Edit cage. 按住滑鼠中鍵圈選cage的點

5.__Use the R G B color bar to Edit it.

使用R G B的Bar去做編輯

6.__Save meshs ! (Important !) Save it  as SBM file.

存Mesh 存成SBM檔 這很重要!!

7.__Now,You could find out the LP has been changed. And Just bakes your own Normal map !

現在你會發現LP被換成SBM檔了,然後就去燒出你的Normal 吧!

Enjoy it !

2013年10月7日 星期一

When i bake normal map with Xnormal or 3D max , they look a little bit different in hard edges model. Why ~~ part_01

As title, i found some research from polycount thread .(3q so much ).

research :  http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107196

Below it's my study summary.

1._There are two methods to bake a normal map.

2._Averaged projection mesh and Explicit mesh normal  

3._In 3DMax, By default ,it's averaged projection.But  Turn off "cage" and then Offset option will be show off in the RTT (render to texture) option. It will become EMN mode.

 In Xnormal, it's Explicit mesh normal .If you use "cage",it will become APM  <------No wonder i find my normal map baked from xNormal different with others baked from MAX !!!

4._Using a synced normals workflow. (If your game engine support it )

to be continued~~

Left : Normal baked Max
Right : Normal bake Xnormal
PS : SG180 = smooth group 180 ,non SG = No smooth group

如題,我從polycount 討論串發現了一些資料(太感謝了)

資料來源 :  http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107196


1._有2種烘培Normal map的方法

2._分別是Averaged projection mesh and Explicit mesh normal 





4._使用同步的法線工作流程。 (如果你的遊戲的引擎支持)


2013年9月29日 星期日

Vray_Material ID

 When i have objects with multi-materials on it , i want to separate them in different render pass.


1. Pick one material of the objects   從物件中選一個材質

2.Going to VRayMtlSG tab. Select Attribute -> Vray -> Material ID

在那個材質球的SG設定Material ID

3.Pick one Color to be a Material ID

4.Go to Render setting.   Select Render Elements -> Material ID in Available render elements
到Render setting, 找到Render Elements ,在Available render elements 找到 Material ID

5.Prview in VFB .Select -> materialID
用VFB預覽,選擇material ID

enjoy it !