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The Comicon Challenge 2014 參賽規則 Final Stand - GameArtisans.org Main Challenge #9 – The Comicon Challenge 2014

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 資料來源 : COMICON Challenge 2014


FINAL - Torn, beaten, and broken, the citizens of Metropolis gaze at the body of superman in disbelief as he lays there in the cratered street... deathly still. With fires raging all about and extra-dimensional soldiers appearing everywhere and destroying everything in their path, the city is in desperate need of a hero. However, this evil mega army, ruled by an iron clad god... no, there is no hope. Heroes lay dead all about. Blood of innocents decorate the ash ridden streets. There is nothing that can be done. Metropolis, and all its citizens, and soon the world, are doomed! But then.... ever so slightly, the rocks where a mighty hero was once thought dead, begin to stir. First an arm, then another.... Superman, all beaten and torn slowly gets up. There are no cheers, no sounds of relief, and no cries of joy. All who stand there and all who have been watching the battle unfold on the morning news ... a fragile hope in everyone begins to mount with the rise of a once fallen man. Superman then looks up. His next attack, for better or for worse, will be .....



STAND - It has been ages since he last walked the arctic snows of the north. In the distance lays his final destination – a fortress of ice. To be here today, it was an achievement laced with great sacrifice. A journey that required a separation from the comfortable riches of the world, and an initiation into a new level of skill, awareness, intellect, and all that comes with it... Power! The doors shudder open. 10 years. A trial of patience and endurance... he laughs. Soon, he will be rewarded. With an armored cybernetic arm, he pulls out a green crystal from his coat and inserts it into a crystalline panel centered in a massive room. The lights dim, the earth shakes, and an image of a proud figure appears. With an ancient rusty old voice, the figure speaks. “What do you want?” Holding back a smile, the journeyed man states “To become a Kryptonian!" A process normally impossible for humans, he begins to laugh, for he has found a way through science. He takes off his arctic coat. A complex suite of cybernetic armory is revealed. With the power of science, together with the infusion of Kryptonian power - soon he will become known on earth as a God! Minutes later, the process is complete. He leaves the fortress and as he walks back towards civilization, he quietly whispers to himself... “I, Lex Luther, have finally returned!”

再起-已有些歲月自從他最後走過北方的北極積雪,在遠方佇立著他的最後終點站 - 冰凍堡
大的空間中,從大衣取出一顆綠水晶並且裝入水晶面板中心,光線驟暗,地面搖晃,並且一張驕傲人像影像現身。伴隨一種古老粗野的聲音,人像說:你想要做甚麼?不苟言笑,旅者說:成為一位氪星人。對人類這加工通常不可能,他開始笑了。他透過科學找到方法了。他脫下他的雪地大衣,一身智能裝甲的複雜服裝顯現,結合科學的力量,加上氪星人力量的注入 - 很快他將成為地球上眾所皆知的神!幾分鐘以後,加工完成,他離開堡壘並且當他回到文明都市,他靜靜地向自己低語... 我,雷克斯路瑟,終於回來了!

Final – Create a hero or villain in his last moments, during one epic final battle. The hero should be beaten, torn, and only have enough power left to do one final strike!
Stand - Create a hero or villain who is returning after being gone for a long period of time, or who is rising for the first time, all shiny and new (optional: new costume?), to face an epic battle. For better or for worse, this new or returning hero/villain is set to change the world!
Be creative, let loose, and have some fun. Good luck to all who join Comicon Challenge, 2014!

最終 - 創造一位英雄或是敵人,在他的最後一刻,一場經典最終戰役。英雄應該被挨揍,撕裂,並且只剩下一點力氣做最後一擊。
再起 - 創造一位英雄或是敵人,在離開一段時間後,再次回歸,或是第一次昇起,全新的閃亮的(選擇:新的服裝),去面對一場史詩般的戰鬥。無論是好是壞,這個新英雄/敵人是被設定改變世界。
有創意,更開放並且有些樂趣。祝參加 Comicon Challenge的大家好運!

For Questions, Answers or Technical support, please visit here:
To create a thread for this challenge, go here:
Thread title should be: Comicon 2014 | 3D (or 2D) | Username | Chosen Character
討論串的標題應該是 : Comicon 2014 | 3D(or 2D) | Username | Chosen Character

1. Remember, Archie is not an "action" hero and Garfield is not a super villain - they don't have weapons and they don't save or attempt to destroy the world. However, Wolverine, Battle Angel Alita, The Phoenix, Flash, Cyclops, Superman, Batman, Gambit, Daredevil, Electra, Joker, Magneto, G.I.Joe, Ninja Turtles, and many many more are all glorious examples of exactly what we are looking for during this challenge. The only restriction: one of your final images MUSTinclude an original small comic book cover or page of the character you choose to create. Simply find a cover or page online that contains your character, and stick it on one of your final images to pay respect to the original character and/or creator.
1.記住,Archie(一個高中生的在高中的故事 註解 )不是一個"動作"英雄並且加菲貓不是一個超級惡棍。他們沒有武器並且他們沒有拯救或是傾向毀滅世界。然而,金鋼狼,銃夢,火鳳凰,閃電俠,獨眼龍,超人,蝙蝠俠,金牌手,夜魔俠,幻影殺手,小丑,萬磁王,C.I.JOE,忍者龜,和很多很多光榮的例子,是我們在這次挑戰賽找尋的。只有一個限制,你的最後成品,必須包括原註漫畫封面,或你所選的角色頁面。只須在網路上找到一張封面或頁面有含你的角色,並且附在你最後完成的作品,向原始角色和/或創造者表示敬意
2. Expressions, camera angle, and final pose, is extremely important for this uniquely strong themed challenge. Keep this in mind. A t-pose model or idle posed concept illustration - not good!
2.表現張力,拍攝角度,和最後姿勢,是極為重要對這獨特強大的主題挑戰賽。請牢記在心,一個T-pose模型或是待機姿勢概念的插圖 - 並不優~
3. Characters originating from video games or movies are not allowed for this challenge (Tomb Raider, Star Craft, etc).
3.角色原始來自電視遊戲或是電影不被允許在這次挑戰賽(古墓奇兵 蘿拉,星際爭霸,等等)
4. Keep gore and nudity to a decent level please! Don’t get Comicon banned in various countries!
5. This is a w.i.p (work in progress) based challenge. Posting your w.i.p art in a personal thread on the forums, is ABSOLUTLY MANDATORY. Artists who show no work till the end may be disqualified.
6. Artists wishing to enter both 3d and concept art categories, must create a new idea for each entry. Example, if you make Superman for a 3d category entry, you cannot make the same character for a Concept Art Entry.

3D Guidelines
Recreate a super hero or super villain with one of the following themes - "Final" or "Stand."
重建一位超級英雄或超級惡棍和下列主題之一 "最終" 或 "再起"
Model Guidelines: 
模型指南 :
  • For Comicon 2014 and only for 2014, Unlimited polies, unlimited texture sheets, all shaders, all game engines, all 3d program softwares, any lighting solutions, are yours! Use them as you wish for your “single” character and pedestal (optional). However, your final model should still be professionally looking unwrapped, on a single or on multiple sheets. View Example Sheet (by Neil Blevins)
  • 對於COMICON 2014年只有2014年,不限面數,不限的貼圖張數,所有著色器,所有的遊戲引擎,所有的3D軟體,任何燈光解決方案,都是你的!隨你使用他們,為你的角色和基座(選配)。但是,你的最終模型仍然應該是專業的UV展開,在一個或多個欄。查看範例(by Neil Blevins)
  • No pets, animals, and no extra characters in any shape or form. If an additional life form, entity, robot, citizen, alien, bird, insect, dust mite, duck, carebare, living germ, or anything else that resembles an additional entity of any and all kinds in your presentation is found, you will be asked to remove it. Period. Create a single character. Nothing else!!!
  • 沒有寵物,動物,而且沒有額外的任何形狀或形式的角色。如果一個額外的生命形式,實體,機器人,公民,外星人,鳥,昆蟲,塵蟎,鴨,carebare(不會翻),活體細菌,或其他任何類似的和所有種類在你的作品中被發現,你會被要求將其刪除。期間。創造一位單一角色。沒有別的!
The Constraints:
  • A pedestal (not floor) may be included. This pedestal also has unlimited polies and texture sheets..
  • 一個底座(非地板)也許會被包含。底座也是不限面數和材質張數
  • 2-sided polies with two separate uv channels are permitted.
  • 雙面模型有2個分開的UV channels是被允許的
  • No joint or team entries and only one 3d entry per artist.
  • 不允許合作或是團隊參賽並且只能個人3D參賽
  • Your entry must be specifically created for this challenge. Do not use any ideas, sketches, or art from previous personal works.
  • 你的參賽品必須是為這挑戰賽特地製作的,不能使用來自以前個人作品的點子 草圖 或是作品。 
Submission Guidelines:
Main Beauty Shot
  • You are free to do whatever post effects you like on this image. You can create multiple angles of your character or just one big version of your character. You can include painted environments, skies, effects.. basically, anything!
  • 你可以自由地做任何你喜歡的後製在這張圖上。你可以創建你的角色多角度或者只有一個你的角色大的版本。你可以包括繪環境,天空,效果.. 
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Presentation Shot
  • This image must contain one full front pose and one full back pose of your character. Optional: Poses can be placed on one large or two small pedestals (pedestals have unlimited polygons and texture sheets. A hover board, vehicle, etc, is not a pedestal).
  • 此圖片必須包含一個你的角色的完整正面姿勢和一個背面姿勢。可選:姿勢可以放在一個大的或兩個小的底座(底座有不限的面數和貼圖張數,浮空滑板,車輛等,並不是一個底座)。
  • Post effects from 3d softwares or 2d programs like Photoshop are NOT allowed in this image. The only adjustments allowed are: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Sharpness, color balance, Curves, and Hue/Saturation.
  • 在此階段的圖像後製從3D軟體或2D軟體如Photoshop等是不允許的。唯一允許的調整:亮度/對比度,色階,銳度,色彩平衡,曲線和色相/飽和度。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Construction Shot
  • This image should depict how your character was made. You can include wireframe shots, high res models, multiple angles or just one big wire frame shot.
  • 這張圖應該描述你的角色是怎麼做的。你可以包括線框圖,高面數模型,多角度,或只是一個大的線框圖。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Texture Sheets
  • Use this image to show the texture sheets used on your model. Must include diffuse and normal map. Other sheets are optional.
  • 使用此圖顯示在你的模型中使用的貼圖張數。必須包括漫反射和法線貼圖。其他貼圖是可選的。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Concept/Skethes + Comic book cover
概念/速寫 + 漫畫書封面
  • If you have any sketches or concepts for your creation, include them on this sheet. In addition... it is mandatory to include a comic book cover, or a page of the comic your character is from, on this sheet.
  • 如果你有任何為你創作的速寫或概念,包括他們在這表裡。此外... 它是強制性的,包括一本漫畫書的封面,或者你的漫畫人物是從某頁面,也同在這張表。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小

2D Guidelines

Create an illustration that depicts a super hero or super villain with one of the following themes - "Final" or "Stand."
創作一幅描述超級英雄或是超級惡棍和下列主題之一 "最終" 或 "再起"
Main Beauty Shot
  • A final illustrated color concept of your glorious Action Hero/Villain.
  • 你的英勇的動作英雄/惡棍的一個最終彩稿。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Progress Shot
  • A Step-by-step process image of how you made your final illustration. This image must contain sketchs as well as a few images showing the process leading up to your final main illustration.
  • 一張你如何完稿的階段流程圖,此圖必須包含草圖以及一些圖像顯示引導你最終主圖的過程。
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Optional Extra Images
  • You are free to submit up to 3 extra images of your choosing. Can be wips, extra work-in-progress shots, area specific highlights, additional sketches, etc.
  • 你可以自由地提交到你所選擇的3個額外的圖像。可以WIPS,額外的工作圖,區域的具體亮點,額外的草稿等
  • Image Dimensions: up to 1600w x 1600h pixels and 500k file size.
  • 圖片尺寸:最多1600 W 像素x 1600 H 像素,500k 的文件大小。
Special Notes:
  • No Joint entries.
  • 不能合作參賽
  • One 2d concept art entry per artist.
  • 一件2D作品一位藝術家
  • Your entry must be specifically created for this challenge. Do not use any ideas, sketches, or art from previous personal works.
  • 你的參賽品必須是為這挑戰賽特地製作的,不能使用來自以前個人作品的點子 草圖 或是作品。 

Regulations and Policies
  • Comicon Challenge is open to all artists in all countries.
  • COMICON挑戰賽是開放給所有國家的所有藝術家。
  • All art, sketches, and photographs submitted in or during the Comicon Challenge remain yours to do with as you wish. You retain all rights, ownerships, and/or copyrights for your work.
  • 所有的美術作品,素描,照片被提交或在COMICON挑戰賽。你保有你的作品的所有權利,擁有權,版權
  • Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • 評審的結果將會是最終的決定,沒有其他方可以介入
  • No late entries will be accepted. Game Artisans will not be held responsible for late or missing entries for any reason whatsoever. It is the sole responsibility of the entrants to make reasonable allowances for upload times and to plan accordingly.
  • 沒有遲交作品會被接受, Game Artisans將不負責因任何原因遲交或遺失參賽作品,這是參賽者的責任作出合理的認可上傳時間,以及相應的計劃。
  • Game Artisans reserve the right to cancel, extend or amend any part of Comicon Chalenge’s rules, or deadlines.
  • Game Artisans保留取消,延期或修改任何部分COMICON Chalenge的規則,或最後期限的權利。